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Jetzt sind mittlerweile 14 Tage rum! Mal wieder passiert es! So langsam reicht es! Wann kommt endlich meine Bestellung?!
Guten Abend! Ich bestelle bei euch ja gerne aber laut eurer Aussage": 2 Werktage nach einzahlungseingang.": haut aber so nicht hin. Man bekommt keine Antworten von euch. Mit Hermes habe ich schon Kontakt aufgenommen und da ist nicht mal ansatzweise ein
Hi friend from Germany. Help us all, easier for you to punish them. Seller not answering to the emails. No parcel, no return money back. Seller are liar.
Wo bleibt meine Bestellung? Warum antwortet ihr nicht? Was soll das bitte? Muss man erst mit rechtlichen Schritten drohen?!
Hi, where is my ordes or maney? Really if you don`t have a Boots send my money back please! This is the last warning, i will call the police! i waiting 7 weeks already, you say 4 week! my oder 105350
Hi, where is my ordes or maney? Really if you don`t have a Boots send my money back please! This is the last warning, i will call the police! i waiting 7 weeks already, you say 4 week! my oder 105350
cock sparrer
Hallo,wo bleibt der Rest meiner Bestelung???Nach mehreren Mail habe ich kein Antwort von euch bekommen.Rechnungsnumm
er.02-105256.bittenehmt endlich Kontakt zu mir auf!!!

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We have fucking holidays from 23.04 till 30.04.2011

Monday 18. October

Straight from Oklahoma, OKC's finest punks have outdone themselves again. STAND TRIAL is a great follow up album to their previous EP release "Armageddon". VIOLENT AFFAIR has definitely become one of the top upcoming punk bands in the world today and this album will push them even further. With tunes straight from the heart that kick you in the teeth to sounds that just make you want to hangout with your friends, this album covers a wide range of real topics. If you have ever hated politicians, felt trapped in a dead end job, beat up nazis and racists, or even hung out with your best friends, then this album is for you. If you enjoy bands such as Monster Squad, The Unseen, Action and so forth, then you will love Violent Affair's album STAND TRIAL. In America's decaying scene of punk, Violent Affair is here to revive it and bring punk back to the scene it is supposed to be.


Monday 31. Mai



1. Countdown 2 Annihilation
2. We´ll never learn
3. Hard Head
4. Substance Control

5. Matchday Madness
6. In Your Hands
7.  Halo
8.  Double Deal

Out of the City Of Angels RAZORBLADE-MUSIC proudly presents LA's DISTRICT DIVIDED!!
These 5 Punkers break down the stereotype that punkrock bands can't play
their instruments.  They smash down the assumption that punk is dead.
They aren't a band to be taken lightly. This 8-tracked self titled album has your
heart pumping, your feet moving, & your whole body shaking.  All you
wanna do is go out and destroy some shit. Their music does what Punkrock is supposed to do: make you truly feel it through your veigns and straight in your face!
Their songs are also about real subjects & every song is different.
If you charge your hair to the sound of the Krum Bums or Monster Squad, Disrict Divided will give you exactly what you've missed the last couple of years - A Real Punkrock Album with the heart on the right spot from the Streets straight in societys Face!


Monday 22. März





Here comes with a big "boom" the most dangerous hardcore punk granade from the USA.  In the mid / late summer their record will be available through Razorblade . Afterwards they will burn down some european stages later this year. More information like band pix or sound samples can be found here at the myspace website. This summer is going to be HOTTTTT!!!


Tuesday 17. November

  Hellratz are ready with Studio recordings for their new full length "Operation Isolation" and rockin 12 tracks together with a small intro on disc. From the first to the last minute you can hear that Hellratz did some great developments concerning their songwriting and are ready to explode on stage worldwide. Get yourself some impressions and watch the Bandtrailer on Youtube and look out for further Information.

Also we can proudly annouce that our RB family has grown a bit and like to welcome Violent Affair from Oklahoma City (USA) and District Divided from Los Angeles (USA) to be a part of this relationship. Rock on!

Violent Affair are hot, really hot. A very ambitions, young Band with great tunes preparing their Album and try to get ready to burn down some stages around late 2010.


  Also from the USA are District Divided. Their new Album waiting to get burned on CD. Sadly we cant mention a fix date for the release but it will happen around the beginning of 2010. More information will be posted soon.

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